Making The Invisible Visible – Refarmers Keynote @ 9am PST

On Saturday, January 30th: Join us for Making the Invisible Visible.

In our conscious cultural evolution towards planetary regeneration, we must embrace radical transformation. In order to change the existing reality, we need to create new structures, systems, spaces and stories that make the previous model obsolete through the (r)Evolutionary process of innovative experimentation and collaboration.

To do that, we first need to observe deeply. Then we might be able to see the ridiculousness of modernity, the mirage begins to fade and we gain a deeper understanding of our interwoven stories — past, present and future. We become more adept at hearing the spiraling damage of expansionism and colonization. In the wake of this listening, we come together to collaborate for a world that works for all life, birthing ideas to design the equitable and just future.

When we process these explorations in community, we turn knowledge into wisdom. Shared epiphanies will then inform us of what we must do together, as we feel together.

This is how the invisible becomes visible.

As we move through as a global citizens, we become able to see, hear and feel with more coherence. We identify the sufficiency available in our planet home for all life to thrive, working for interdependent solutions. As Bucky said, “it is a matter of converting high technology from weaponry to livingry.”

Lets flip the script as it is time for the artist as system thinker to be the one to architect collective thriving and the banker to embolden their inner poet. This is the transition that we are facilitators of in the Design Science Studio.

Journey with us on Saturday, January 30th for the Design Science Salon: Making the Invisible Visible. This all day event that will welcome you into the minds and heARTs of some of the Design Science Studio’s 144 inspiring international multidisciplinary creators and global partners in an immersive interactive world that will invigorate your path on spaceship earth.

The Design Science Studio is a decade-long anticipatory art and design-driven accelerator inspiring a future that works for 100% of LIFE. We empower global creators, systems thinkers, organizations and initiatives to work together to imagine, collaborate and create a regenerative future.

These artist salons provide a peek into the multi-dimensional power of these projects, their developmental experiences and serve as an invitation for any interested participants to opt in and join the mission.

It’s time for ART that changes History.

We are preparing a special all-day interactive space filled with performances, art, talks, discussions and surprises. A few short segments will be live streamed publicly, to provide a sneak peak to Making the Invisible Visible.

Buy your early bird all-included all-day passes for the event, which will give you access to all the activities of the day and the digital playground. Select the ticket level that works best for you.

The proceedings go to support the Studio and the artists. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact for a scholarship. We have some very very special surprises in store for you. At the Design Science Studio we are setting the foundations of an improved and regenerative Planet. But we can’t do it without you. Connect with us via email at, collaborate with us, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and join the (r)Evolution. We got this. Together.


Jan 30 2021


9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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