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Everybody is a Refarmer! Please help us spread the word and make food growing an everybody thing! Join our team and we will send you materials to get you spreading the movement!


Let us know if you would like to share your skills with us! We welcome you with open arms. Maybe you like to garden, or can offer help at one of our events!


Come with us for a transformative experience like no other. You will be fully immersed in the culture by living traditionally, working practically on regenerative agriculture projects and learning indispensable skills with an experienced team of instructors.


Do you have a project idea? We are open to local and international partnerships and would love to collaborate with your school, community or organization. No project is too great, too small or too challenging for our team.


Your donation helps us continue or life-changing work creating social and environmental justice that impacts the lives of thousands of children and families.

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Permaculture has made me be able to speak with people in different regions and we all speak the same language through permaculture. Permaculture has really changed me. I have struggled all my life to find the direction I should take and permaculture gave me the right place to go. It is supporting my life and my family. I thank this program for bringing permaculture and the Canadians to Africa. It has changed people, changed lives, in my village everything is different. We thank Refarmers for this.
Godfrey Otsembo
Permaculture Educator
One of the greatest things about Refarmers is that it enriches all who are involved. In Africa, people are learning to protect life systems and to produce vastly more healthy food locally than they could before. People in donor communities also get inspired to increase permaculture activities, and they learn about cultural practices that build social cohesion and resilience. If we want to promote health and wellbeing on an inter-connected planet, projects like this are among the best investments we can make.
Jan Slakov
Refarmers is an organization that is passionate about empowering East Africa in terms of food sovereignty and sustainability. Their passion has resulted in greening many communities with food hence improving their living standards. As a result, communities in semi arid areas have been able to positively change their minds toward adopting the permaculture approach.
Ruth Barasa
Permaculture Teacher