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Food Forest Project July 2019

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  • Thiago & Brandon

    In July 2019, Brandon Bauer partnered with Guayakí Yerba Mate....

  • and the Kiangang indigenous people of the Marrecas Reserve in Parana state of southern Brazil....

  • on a project to bring food security and permaculture practices to the local school.

  • The Kids & Community

    This is a community of 500 who rely on low quality government food sponsorship programs for sustenance.

  • The team was there to revive regenerative farming practices and positively transform the land.

  • Aided by the students and teachers, they installed a vegetable garden and orchard for the children and the community at the school of 150 pupils.

  • Trees!

    One of their main objectives was to plant 600 trees in and around the school.

  • But while they worked, they were approached by a provincial governmental organization with an offer of 10,000 native trees so they worked hard to get those in the ground!

  • Their hard work paid off and after two weeks they had a brand new food forest!

  • 3 Months Later

    Only 3 months later in October 2019, the food forest's abundance was visible and being used daily to feed the children.

  • Plans are in the works for 2020 to continue working with local indigenous communities to become self-reliant, food and water resilient….

  • and plant more trees!