------ Our Team ------

These are the brilliant folks that hold it together in the field, in the office and behind the scenes:

Marie-Pierre Bilodeau

After twelve successful years creating and managing her “Organically Grown, Ethically Sewn” eco-clothing brand called Rabbit & Empee, MP realized that her efforts to find sustainability, regeneration and fulfillment fell short of the life she aspired to live. She studied permaculture and earned her PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) at Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy on Salt Spring Island and her hands-on training was done in East Africa where she continues to work today. 

Brandon Bauer

Brandon has been studying and practicing permaculture since 1995. He has been teaching permaculture in Canada, the US, Haiti and East Africa since 2003. Brandon is actively involved with the permaculture movement in British Columbia and has worked in East Africa for the past 5 years. He is the project lead on many of our local and international projects.

Patrick Paul Kidega

Patrick Paul holds a degree in pure philosophy and a diploma in Development Studies from Gulu University in Uganda. He is the founder of Kitgum Municipality Deaf and Interpreters Society that brings together deaf people and interpreters to raise awareness, acceptance and inclusion in their communities while reducing the stigma of living with a disability. He has completed his PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) at the Practical Permaculture Institute of Kenya and has had extensive hands-on experience implementing food forests and planning regenerative agriculture projects in East Africa.

Jackson Kanuunu

Jackson is the founder of the NGO Dream Farm Kyakabunga in Uganda. Since 2013, Dream Farm has worked on social and environmental justice through groundbreaking regenerative agricultural programs, reviving traditional skills used for food preparation and empowerment through education. In November 2019, East Africa Permaculture Project implemented a 1.75 acre permaculture demonstration farm and outdoor learning centre on the NGO's land and the local schools and community members are already benefiting from the programming.

Marielle Fillion

Marielle was raised on a farm and is an avid gardener. She holds an Education Degree from the University of Quebec and has worked delivering extensive training in counselling for the Government of Canada. She has 21 yrs of experience as a bilingual counsellor and Project Officer managing and analyzing portfolios for Service Canada. She has been a volunteer for AIDS Toronto/Niagara 20 years. 

Ian Peace

Ian has 20 years of environmental activism under his belt. His work in oil and gas exploration exposed him to industrial practices on the landscape leading him to work with First Nations and become actively involved in researching the enforcement of environmental laws. He earned a Master of Science, Environment and Management degree in 2019. He is the Interim Chair of RCEN (The Canadian Environmental Network/Reseau Canadien de L'Environnement) and a Board Member of WPS (Water Preservation Society) on Salt Spring Island, BC).

Anne Owiti

Dr. Anne Owiti founded KICOSHEP (Kibera Community Self Help Program) in 1991 from which she pioneered the strategy of VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing) HIV testing. In short, this is a rapid way of testing HIV obtaining results within 15 minutes using a drop of blood and cells from the cheek. She and 4 other doctors did the research to come up with this effective way to try and control the spread of HIV in Africa where lack of education and stigma dominated. VCT is now used as a technique for HIV testing and treatment all over Africa.  She is the director of KICOSHEP School in Kibera, which is the second largest slum in Afrcia. 353 children occupy the classrooms, 65 of which are living with HIV/AIDS. She is a leader in urban food growing and continues to advocate for health and well being. Dr. Anne has travelled the world as a speaker and educator and has inspired countless people to walk in her footsteps.