We are a GRASSROOTS organization that creates and supports small-scale community-based REGENERATIVE food growing initiatives and provides LAND-BASED learning opportunities that enable COMMUNITIES to be the drivers of their own CHANGE.

Regenerative systems

The elements we incorporate into our projects are all forms of climate action and include permaculture, afforestation, reforestation, silvopasture, rainwater harvesting, food forests, soil health, carbon drawdown, aquaponics, biogas, composting, closed-loop systems and managed grazing.

Indigenous Knowldege

We use traditional knowledge to guide our actions. We integrate indigenous plants, seeds and practices whenever possible and make it a top priority. Wherever we work, we strive to involve indigenous communities to play a pivotal role in the implementation of the projects.


Connecting with other organizations and individuals is essential to achieving our goals. Community, communication and collaboration is how we accomplish great things. We build healthy relationships with our partners which foster kindness and compassion. We believe the only way to create long-term change is to create solid networks.

Gender Equity

Each individual and the gifts they bring to the project is valued, and we work to have gender balance and equity in all aspects of our work. Each participant is also seen as a teacher, and their wisdom is invited into the circle.


"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world," Nelson Mandela. Our objective is to teach self-reliance, an investment into future generations. Learning a skill set well enough to teach it also adds another level of empowerment. We teach practical skills that can be applied immediately. We teach future leaders how to become land stewards and food growing change makers.

Food/Nutrition Security

Access to food is a human right. Most food shortages are preventable. We teach that it is possible to grow food almost anywhere that there is sun and water. Given basic resources, almost every person is able to grow their own food and invest in their own well-being. Our goal is to ensure that folks learn how to grow an abundance of nutritious food and enjoy a well-balanced diet.

Water Preservation

We harvest rainwater for storage and retention. We build healthy soils that hold more water so flooding can be avoided. To increase water infiltration in the system we use swales, which are trenches dug on contour lines. Rainwater tanks and underground cisterns store water for future use. Water is diverted into ponds and banana circles in the tropics.

Poverty Alleviation

In East Africa, 80% of the population are small-scale subsistence farmers. Our African projects provide farmers and their families with long-term regenerative agriculture solutions that empower them. With our crucial training, our projects instil a sense of purpose in folks involved and provide business opportunities. We help establish tree nurseries, vegetable stands, holistic livestock systems, workshops and other innovative ideas.



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