---------------- ONGOING Projects -----------------

Kakamega School For The Deaf

In October 2019, our team worked for 10 days to create 2 food forests, a kitchen garden, a tree nursery and a cow dwelling at this school of 78 children in Western Kenya. The project was developed as a food program for the children who didn't have a proper or nutritious meal plan at school, a business for selling excess produce and tree seedlings and also serves the community as a demonstration site. We aspire to install all our project sites near main roads or busy areas so that passersby can see for themselves how permaculture works. They can contact the farm manger who we trained so that they can replicate the techniques in their homes and farms. We will spread the movement of regenerative agriculture by showing people what is possible and allowing them to take the first steps in changing the world.

Dream Farm & Kyakabunga Primary School

In November 2019, we worked for 2 weeks in Eastern Uganda with an NGO called Dream Farm Kykabubga (DFK). The 1.75 acre food forest we established is now used as a learning centre and hub for regenerative agriculture education. Workshops are already being conducted and the community is benefiting. There are over 4000 local community members who will benefit from the project in the long-term. In that time we also started phase 1 of a food program food forest at Kykabunga Primary School. Over 50 children came to help us at Dream Farm about 1km away from their school and we returned the favour by spending 3 days building the first installation of their food program. Dream Farm's long-term plans are to establish permaculture food programs in the 4 schools in the area using the resources we helped establish.