DIY Vertical Gardening: Burlap Sack Gardening

Vertical gardens may not solve world hunger but growing edible plants from seed to food is a small step toward understanding our role in food justice and food sovereignty.
You may have seen people growing potatoes in burlap sacks but this technique allows you to grow an abundant vertical garden in a sack pretty much anywhere where there is sun!
This workshop is online AND in person. We will provide the link to sign up for the in-person workshop shortly or email us for more info at Sign-up for the zoom workshop here: and sign up for the in-person workshop here: To sign up for the in-person workshop, please use this link:…/burlap…/343316
What you need to make your sack garden:
* 1 burlap sack (usually free from your local coffee roaster)
* 76 ltr/20 gallon bin of soil (approximately)
* 76 ltr/20 gallon bin of compost (approximately)
* 1 utility knife or scissors
* 8 – 20 vegetable starts/seeds (you can also use flowers, herbs and certain fruit and berries, strawberries work great!)
* optional: coconut coir, rolled up cardboard, stones for the column in the middle. You don’t absolutely need this so don’t worry if you don’t have these things available!


Jun 05 2021


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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