Vancouver Urban Food Forest Foundation is an intergenerational, cross-cultural knowledge sharing hub in the form of a community food forest, collective garden and online learning space. We are in the development phase and hope to launch soon!
The Vancouver Urban Food Forest Foundation (VUFFF) is a hub for intergenerational, cross-cultural knowledge-sharing, food growing and a space for both in-person and online workshops and learning opportunities. It provides hands-on skills for every level of experience to both work in the food forest and take the skills learned back home to implement in any type of dwelling. Growing local, nutrient rich food will directly benefit food security, providing nutritious and climate smart food. We work with many different partners to bring culturally specific programming for all generations to guide our processes and initiatives.
Growing food and Indigenous plants in a food forest creates an interactive demonstration of what food production could be were it grounded in ecological principles. Collective growing spaces create opportunities to produce food locally and provide an environment where community members can meet and learn together about each other and their environment.
A food forest is a term used in permaculture to describe a plant-based food production system based on woodland forest ecosystems and companion planting to grow a succession of layers that are found naturally in forests. It creates a regenerative, permanent and resilient agro-ecosystem resulting in carbon sequestration due to the addition of many perennial food producing plants, low soil disturbance (no-till), keeping the soil covered at all times ie. mulching, using homemade compost and much more. It is a system that perpetuates improvement of soil, plants, crops and human understanding of the nature that is around us as well as within us.
Permaculture integrates land, resources, people and the environment through mutually beneficial and holistic relationships that imitate what is seen in nature. It is a form of regenerative agriculture that applies closed-loop solutions to urban and rural frameworks at any scale.
VUFFF will provide a space for mental and physical well-being and illuminate climate solutions that allow people to move out of preconditioned mindsets and behaviours on their own terms in order to address deep rooted systemic issues through food justice.

This project is a collaboration between Refarmers, Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, Lettuce Harvest Foundation, Hives For Humanity and many more individuals and organizations! We are currently working on a new website. You can stay up to date via our VUFFF Facebook Page and by signing up for our newsletter HERE